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Who We Are

We are Cleveland’s Hometown Band and our mission is to:


1. Contribute positively to the musical environment of the greater Cleveland area.


2. Provide music enrichment for individuals in the community, support community events, and engender pride in our community and nation. Community Outreach Concerts are presented in various locations in Cleveland where people might not otherwise hear the Pops perform.


3. Provide opportunities for individual band members to grow as musicians. 


4. Assist in the musical education of young people by including high school and college students in the band.

We meet these goals in the following ways:

1. We are open to anyone who wishes to play with us, attend rehearsals, performances, and other activities.  Not only do we provide musical opportunities and growth for our members, but we provide a musical community.


2. We perform at least one patriotic concert a year honoring our military veterans.  We also honor our police and sheriff departments at this concert.  


3. We include young musicians from local high schools and colleges.  This supplements their musical education and allows them to associate with musicians of all ages and levels of ability. In 2017 we donated a large portion of our musical library to Bradley County and Cleveland City music departments.  This music is at high school and college level.

2401 North Ocoee Street
P.O. Box 130
Cleveland, TN 37311


There are 58 active band members (and one director) as of Oct. 1, 2020

Average years of membership: 6

Average of years band members have played their instrument: 34

Number of combined years in the current band: 267

Combined number of years playing an instrument: 1581


Membership includes:

Seven current or retired band directors

A pastor

A judge

An operator of a nuclear power plant

A high school assistant principal

A professional horse trainer


17 people who are retired

3 high school students

18 people with full time jobs

3 college students

4 people with part time jobs


Highest level of performance achieved by players:

15 high school

16 college level

13 professional level

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