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Pops Membership Handbook


“The Official Concert Band of Cleveland, Tennessee”




IMPORTANT: As soon as you know that you will miss a rehearsal or concert, notify the band’s management using this link in the “Members” page of the band website. Stating a reason for the absence is not required.

THE ANNUAL DUES is $35 and paid to Janet Donahue, Treasurer, before the first concert in the fall or immediately upon joining the band if after the fall concert. Dues are primarily used to purchase new music and occasional rental expenses for concert/rehearsal sites. Dues are waived for high school or college students. Everyone in the band who pays their dues will be given a free polo shirt to wear at several concerts.

The 2021-22 CLEVELAND POPS REHEARSAL/CONCERT SCHEDULE and repertoire list is linked to the band's webpage.


All clothing must always be clean and well-pressed.
All-black dress with hem line falling anywhere between the ankle and mid-calf
All-black skirt with same hem line as dress above; with black dressy top
All-black, tailored dressy pants; with black dressy top
Conservative all-black pants suit with pants in the style listed above

Translucent or lace sleeves are permissible only if the entire bodice is lined in solid black.
Black shoes and black shear hose or socks
Small inconspicuous jewelry
No perfume or cologne


All clothing must always be clean and well-pressed 
Optional black jacket
Solid black trousers.
Black dress shirt and optional black bow tie
Black socks and black shoes
No cologne



  • All rehearsals are Monday nights in the band room at LAKE FOREST MIDDLE SCHOOL in Cleveland from 7-9 pm, unless otherwise announced. The setup crew and percussionists are expected to arrive early to setup and remain after the rehearsals to return the rehearsal room to its proper setup.

  • All concerts will take place at locations to be announced, except for the Memorial Day Patriotic Concert in Cleveland’s Greenway Park. 

  • All concerts begin at 7 p.m. and the call time for concerts is 6 p.m., unless otherwise announced.

CONCERT REMINDER EMAILS: If someone in the band or public wants to receive a SINGLE email one week before a concert as a reminder, have them complete this page:

MUSIC FOLDERS: Each member is provided a music folder that will cost $25 to replace if lost, which must be paid for you are given a replacement folder and music.

1. At the first rehearsal of new music please pick up band folder from file box by number assigned to you.  There will be a list provided with your name and number. Your folder will have the music for the next concert. Direct any questions about music to the Librarian (Sandy Donegan,

2. After each concert, please return your folder in order by number to the file case provided.  The Librarian will file and fill folders for the next concert. You will be responsible for getting your new music if you forget to return your folder.

MUSIC STANDS:  There may be a request for members to bring their own music stands to certain concerts. Stands are provided at most concerts. 

AUDITIONS: There are no auditions for new or returning ensemble members. Students at CSCC are accepted as they register for the band as a class. Early in the process for a new member there will be email communication to determine the player’s best chair placement and dedication to perfect attendance and music preparation. Membership for players younger than high school can be allowed under special circumstances.

SECTION LEADERS: Anyone wishing to be considered for “section leader” who was not the section leader at last year’s final concert must send an email to Sarah Pearson (Director)  before the first rehearsal in August to discuss your plans.

GROUP EMAILS: The best way to communicate with a once-a-week band is via email and texts. Emails also reduce the amount of time for announcements during rehearsals. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL BAND MEMBERS TO CHECK THEIR EMAIL AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. The automated email program resends emails to individuals until they are opened. Assume all emails are important.

TEXT ALERTS: If you do not regularly check your email then you can be alerted by a text message when a mass email has been sent. To get these text alerts, TEXT @3cb93f to the phone number 81010


COMMUNITY OUTREACH CONCERTS are presented in various locations in Cleveland where people might not otherwise be able to hear the Pops perform. Band members should stay alert for finding locations for these Community Outreach Concerts at retirement homes, churches, health facilities and let the Board know your ideas. As soon as the Board approves the concert the band will be given the date and location of a concert.


CONCERT TICKETS:  All concerts are free with donations to the band fund welcomed.

PUBLICITY:  A band member to-be-determined will be the Personnel and Communications Director and responsible for concert promotion on the band’s webpage and in the Cleveland Daily Banner.  The Social Media Director (Kayla Rudy will promote the band on Facebook and Twitter.  Band members are encouraged to make suggestions of ideas for articles and will be asked to distribute posters for the Memorial Day concert.

AMAZON SMILE: This is a donation program operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as When you shop on AmazonSmile, they will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Cleveland Pops.
           1. Go to:
           2. Login to (or create) your AMAZON account.
           3. Search for and select as your charity: Cleveland TN Pops
           4. A portion of any purchase made on AMAZON is donated to our band out of Amazon's
                      commission so it costs you no additional money.

EMAIL ADDRESSES: The generic email address for the band is There is also an email link next to each band member’s name on the Band Membership page of the band’s website.

POPS BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Any band member who wants to be on the Board as a "Band Member At Large" should notify the Board President after the first rehearsal and before the concert each year.


    Jim Dvorak- Tuba (Board President)
    Sarah Pearson (Director)

    Janet Donahue- Flute (Board Vice President, Treasurer)
    Sandy Donegan- Oboe (Librarian)

    Kayla Rudy- Clarinet (Social Media, Programs)
    Paul Loosby- Trumpet (Band Member At Large)
    John Austin- Trombone (Equipment Manager)

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