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Volunteers Needed

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There is a need for band members to volunteer for certain jobs. Volunteers currently doing these jobs either want or need help, or wish to be replaced having served for years.  Please use the form below to let us know what interests you.  Decisions will be made after March 1. Submit your interest before March 1.


1. President- (One person)

     - Work closely with the Director and Vice President

     - Respond quickly to band related texts and emails

     - Make rehearsal announcements

     - Determine Board meeting agendas

     - Organize and Chair Board meetings

     - Give overall direction to the band and board

     - Create and manage the five-year plan

     - Coordinate potential conductor interviews when a replacement is needed

     - Arrange for concert venues in coordination with conductor

2. Vice President- (One Person)

     - Chair Board meetings when the President is absent
     - Respond quickly to band related texts and emails

     - Work closely with the President and Director

     - Communicate pertinent information with band members through
            email and webpage

     - Send sympathy or get well cards on behalf of band, inform band
            members of funeral arrangements, etc.

     - Be a "listening ear" for discouraged and frustrated band members.

3. Librarian- (Someone is needed beginning next fall when this will become
              a paid position)

       - Keep the music library (which is located at CHS) organized and
       - Respond quickly to band related texts and emails

       - Hand out and collect music

       - Make copies of parts as needed

4. Publicity- (More than one person is needed)

       - Contact the newspaper prior to concerts and arrange publicity

       - Respond quickly to band related texts and emails

       - Oversee the undeveloped use of Tweets for communication

       - Oversee the use of the band's Facebook page

       - Promote the website anywhere possible and constantly

       - Oversee the development of any other social media as makes sense.

5. Equipment Manager- (More than one person is needed)

       - Come to rehearsals early enough to set up the bandroom.

       - Respond quickly to band related texts and emails

       - Stay after rehearsals to return the bandroom to its original setup.

       - Assist moving equipment with the help of percussionists to the concert sites, and return equipment after the concert.

6. Board Member (Automatic membership to anyone volunteering)

     - Attend Board meetings where certain decisions are made

     - Respond quickly to band related texts and emails

     - Be a "sounding board" for band members

     - Be focused on longer-range goals for the band

     - Be involved in director selection when such a mater comes up

     - Solicit program ideas (music) from members and non-members

     - Commit to a one-year Board membership

Type "YES" on the form below under the volunteer position(s) that interest you and ask any questions in the same box after your "YES".  The answer of "MAYBE" is also an option if you need more information to decide.

This form is not supported by Internet Explorer.  You must use either CHROME (free install) or FIREFOX (free install).

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